Tips for Researching Essays Online

A great deal of research can be done in books and scientific journals when it comes to writing academic essays, however, the Internet is also a very good source. If the Internet is your main source for research, there are tips and tricks for using Google that will help you in your research, especially if you find you have a subject, but little to go on.

There are two Google sources that are extremely helpful to research. The first thing you need to search for is Google Scholar. Go to the Google website and do a search. Click on the Google Scholar link at the top of the page. When you do your search, continue it within the Google Scholar search engine.

This search engine will only bring up academic research papers and so it’s an excellent source for your citations. The second Google tool to use is Google books. You can also search for your subject matter in Google books. Set the search to show partial and full views. You’d be surprised how many books are available on Google books. If you’re not having any luck in Google Scholar or Google books, do a general search for the main subject matter in Google. Just to use an example for this blog entry, we’ll do a search on “Orthopedic Surgery”. Note that when you begin typing out orthopedic surgery, Google will open a pull-down menu automatically providing you with many choices for orthopedic subjects.

You can either complete what you’re typing or you can choose a subject available in the pull-down menu (if you’re unsure about what you want to write). For the sake of argument, go to Google and type in “Orthopedic Surgery” and hit the search button. Note that you get the normal list of choices. Take a look at these choices to see if there is any information you can use, but if you see nothing, don’t give up. Scroll down to the bottom of the page. You’ll see a list of related search topics. This particular topic only has a few, but sometimes you will have as many as 10 choices.

This will often give you ideas for subheadings throughout your essay. Orthopedic surgery doesn’t have very choices, but if you do a search on “orthopedic”, you get 10 choices at the bottom. One of those choices is “orthopedist”. From there, you can research further on the subject and maybe come up with information you didn’t see at first. Follow these simple (and free) Internet research tips and you’ll be sure to zip through your research quickly while easily creating subheadings for your essays.