Tips for Meeting Deadlines

Meeting deadlines is extremely important, especially if you’re attending university. It’s important because most college students have to find a balance between college life, social life and often times, professional life. Meeting deadlines is something everyone will have to face throughout their life. You will have to meet deadlines in school, in work and personally in order to accomplish anything. By following a few tips, deadlines can be accomplished in your day-to-day life.

Stay Organized.

This may seem obvious, however, many people, especially students, are not organized. It’s important to realize that the time you put into your organizational efforts now will save you time and frustration later. Take lots of notes, even if it’s in a lined notebook or on scrap paper. If taking notes on scrap paper you have lying around, be sure to throw out old and completed notes. Always keep your notes and projects in the same place so that you can easily find them. Go over the day’s efforts and notes at the end of the day and also plan for tomorrow. Keep checklists and make sure you are accomplishing the tasks on the checklist.

If you’re unsure about a deadline, ASK!

It’s better to ask and to avoid being late than it is to ignore the question out of embarrassment and to be late on the project. Make an outline/draft of each assignment or project. In other words, break it down into sections so that you will have something to work from and should have a clear idea of how long it’s going to take you to accomplish the entire project. Start with step one and go down the line, so to speak. Do not skip a step; it’s important to work in order. Plan enough time to complete each task. Set a schedule for yourself, as if you were in school or at work.

Stick to the schedule and make sure you’re putting adequate time into your work on the project. If you over planned your day and your work time is coming to an end, but you have not met the day’s goals, schedule in extra work time. If you need to stay up late that night to complete your school work, it’s important to do it. Allow yourself time for error. Never assume that everything will go as planned and that the assignment will be completed in the time you think it will be completed in. If you have to shift your personal schedule around to account for your school work or project, it’s important to do so. The above steps may seem simple enough and they are, but you’d be surprised how many people don’t follow these guidelines when it comes to completing a project. Figure out what works for you and stick to it.