Thesis Statement for Research Papers and Essays

Writing a thesis statement for academic papers is never an easy task for any student. It will be the most important part of any paper you will write because the content of your paper will concentrate on this one sentence (or two). Your thesis statement can also be the defining factor in being given the ‘green light’ to continue writing your paper, because often instructors want to see if your topic is relevant and has merit, prior to the writing process.

So it stands to reason, if your aim is to create one that will warrant further investigation and writing, you will want to compose one that not only involves a lot of thought and research, but one that will invoke interest in your reader. We know how challenging it can be to ‘put together’ your thoughts and research so that you can create a strong thesis statement for your paper- that is why we have provided every student who is looking for help the following guidelines in writing statements for both essay papers and research papers.

Writing a thesis statement for your essay

The process for writing a thesis statement for an essay involves stating your opinion, claim, or argument on a particular topic it can also involve communicating information your audience may not otherwise been aware of. In addition to be the main idea of your paper it should also engage your reader and encourage them to read your essay in its entirety. In writing a thesis statement for an essay paper the student will always need to differentiate from the different types of essay papers. Although argumentative, persuasive, descriptive, narrative, reflective essays all have similarities- they each have a definitive purpose. For instance, an argumentative essay will always present an argument regarding a specific topic and that argument will be justified or validated by the supporting evidence presented.

A narrative essay will tell a story, usually concluding with a moral or lesson, a descriptive will use vivid language so the reader can envision what the writer is describing…

Even if a student realizes the differences in all of the academic essays it still can be a challenge to write a thesis statement for each one that they are assigned. That is exactly why we have listed a few thesis statement examples for essays below. It has been our experience that when students have a sample thesis statement to review, it will give them a better idea how they can write their own.

Argumentative essay

Topic: Technology in the 21st century

Thesis Statement: Technology in the 21st century not only involves high costs, it also has lead to a dependency on machines and the rise of unemployment.


Topic: Standardize testing in schools

Thesis statement: Standardize testing for students needs to be abolished because it is not a true measure of intelligence or academic achievement.


Topic: Breakfast is the most important meal

Thesis statement: A healthy breakfast ensures a body receives all the important nutrients it needs to function and face the challenges of the day.

Writing a thesis statement for your research paper

The process for writing a thesis statement for a research paper is a bit different than other academic papers a student will be required to write. In the case of a research paper your thesis statement will come after you have written a statement of purpose. A statement of purpose is different from your thesis statement as it is a sentence that states, in detail, exactly what you want to learn from your research paper. Your statement of purpose will guide you as you research your topic so you only search for relevant information about your topic.

It generally helps a student from becoming overwhelmed, saves time and effort, and helps with the development of your thesis statement. When your goal is to create a really good research paper thesis statement you will want to ask yourself: What is my interest in the topic? Am I passionate about this topic? What do I want to learn about my topic? Once you have answered these questions, you should be able to develop a strong and good thesis statement for your research paper.

Writing a thesis statement for your research paper

Learn what a thesis statement is- a thesis statement is a sound and strong statement that can be prove with supporting evidence.

Prior to considering the topic for your paper do some research first so you are familiar with your topic and have become knowledgeable to write about it

Critical thinking- after you have gained knowledge about your topic think about the angle or point of view you want to state your main idea

Formulate your thesis statement with originality and interest while clearly stating what you will be arguing, the case you will be presenting, or the problem you intend to solve.

Many times the best way for a student to learn how to write a good research paper thesis statement is by example. That is why we have provided the following sample thesis statements for your review- looking at the following samples should give you a better idea and insight on how to create a good research paper thesis statement on your own. Keep in mind that your statement of purpose will always ask the question of what you want to learn or solve and your thesis statement will take what you want to research one step forward by creating the main idea or focus of your entire paper- stating it in a clear and concise manner.

Purpose – To find out how close we are to finding out what causes Autism

Thesis statement – After years of research, the scientific community is on the verge of discovering what causes Autism in children.

Purpose – To find out how to stop teenagers from becoming members of a gang

Thesis Statement – Teenage gang activities can be stopped in every community by supervised youth programs, early education in public schools, and the opportunity for closer family relationships.

Purpose – The United States should abolish the death penalty

Thesis statement – The death penalty in the United States needs to be abolished because of its ineffectiveness and inhumane practice.