Thesis Statement Examples for Research Papers and Essays

At we know how difficult it can be to create a thesis statement on your own. For any student learning how to write a thesis statement it will be imperative to know it will involve a research process and critical thinking, as well as skill in articulating your thoughts with words. We also realize that every student who is assigned an academic paper which requires a thesis statement will undeniably benefit from the help of a professional who specialize in writing essay papers. At we have discovered that often a student can come up with a good statement for their own paper simply by reviewing thesis statement examples.

So, in our effort to provide students with the thesis statement writing help they need, we have combined these two elements and have comprised a list of thesis statement examples for research papers and for the various types of essays:


1. All car manufacturers in the United States need to produce affordable electric cars in an effort to protect our environment
2. Illegal drug use is detrimental to the youth in our society because it increases gang violence
3. Global warming is the most prominent issue our world population faces today.


1. The Grand Canyon is one of the most breathtaking “Seven Wonders of the World”
2. Raising a child is a journey that leads all parents to relive their own childhood.
3. My family home is a place where I always felt safe, secure, and loved.


1. Love has changed my entire life and has made me want to be the best person I can be.
2. If I had only one day left to live I would spend it doing the things that make me the happiest.
3. A day in the life of a college student in a foreign country.

1. Cats historically make much better domestic pets than dogs.
2. The notable differences of reading a book and viewing a movie based on the book.
3. The diverse ethnic environment of a college campus is a melting pot much like the United States

1. Electric cars are economical, environmentally friendly, and suit every lifestyle.
2. Growing your own vegetables is safe, economical, and smart.
3. Buying a new car for the first time on your own is a rewarding learning experience

1. The job I have held for the past year has given me the opportunity to learn small acts of kindness can change a person’s life.
2. Winning the lottery can buy you material possessions but can’t buy the things we, as humans, value the most.
3. My childhood was a determining factor in who I have become today.

Research paper
1. The Food and Drug administration’s regulations have little effect in harmful foods being sold and consumed in the United States
2. High school sex education courses have decreased the amount of teen pregnancies in the last decade.
3. Human lives and the environment must be protected by the effects of global warming with the use of government funds.
4. Standardized tests administered to students are an inaccurate measure of intelligence and need to be abolished or radically changed.
5. Bullying at any grade level should be a criminal and punishable offense in order to protect students attending schools in the United States.