Professional Custom Essay Writing Service

What makes our custom essay writing service stand apart from the rest is the fact that we are here to stay. We value our reputation and the work of our essay writing staff and so we do all we can to make sure our customers are happy. That way we keep our great reputation and people come back to us term after term.

We do not use any form of rewriting when we provide our essay writing services, and no form of spinning is used either. We have an in-house proofreading team that means even the typos of our expert essay writers are caught before they get to you. It also helps to ensure the quality of our work remains as high as ever.

We charge less for a longer deadline

Our essay writing service is unable to produce essays for dirt cheap because our company has to retain the very best staff. However, we do know that a student’s budget is often quite small, so if you would like a lower price then get your essay to us as soon as possible. The sooner you get your essay project to us then the longer you may set the deadline. A longer deadline makes writing a little more comfortable for our writers, which we are happy to reflect by the fees we charge. If you pick a longer deadline then we are happy to lower your quote to reflect that fact.

We do not have hidden charges

Some of our competitors are a little nasty in the way they do business. They often tack on hidden charges, especially at the end of the process. We are different; we do not tack on any sort of hidden charge to your project. We even offer things such as title pages and reference pages for free, and if you specify the type of formatting you desire then we will offer that free too.

Each essay is backed with academic research

This means that the reference section of your custom essay is going to be populated with high quality references that the essay marker will accept as high scoring research. We do not take the risk with dubious references or quotes, as we know that this may affect the credibility of the writer.

We offer a confidential service to all our customers

This comes as standard with our service and it begins from the moment of contact. Your details are never divulged to third parties, and details of your project are censored so that even if you admitted to people that you used the service then it would be hard to prove via our records.

We also keep your essay locked under layers of security to be sure that only you are the one to see and receive it. Our confidentiality clause means that you are able to hand in our work as your own and there is no way another person may find out about it. The only way they may know is if you tell them yourself, and even if you do then they are not going to be able to find proof via our company or our servers.

If you are ill then we are here

Illness and bad luck may strike anybody. The benefit of our service is that you are able to still complete your projects and score highly even if you have not been fit or able enough to do it yourself. Bad luck is not your fault, so there is no need for your studies to suffer as a result. We can get your work done as per the deadline, and we can do it from scratch or we can continue on where you left off if you wish.