I Need Someone To Write My Essay

An essay can be defined as a piece of writing written in a formal manner. Nowadays, essays have become an integral part of the education system. Students of high school and universities have to compose papers for different purposes. Essays have become so important that many universities require prospective students to compose an essay on myself, so that they can judge their candidature.

Today, essays are becoming a critical part of the education system, at the same time, writing an essay is becoming a daunting task for students. When students face such problems, they have two options, either to write the essay on their own or hire someone who can write on their behalf.

If one is not well equipped with writing technique, it is advisable that one should hire someone who can compose well. These can either be individual writers or professional agencies.

Such professional agencies offer many benefits. Some of them are as follows:

Established Expertise

These agencies are professional agencies, hence they offer high quality services. By using their service you can take the benefits of vast experience and knowledge. Their experience reflects in the work done and you can have an edge over others in terms of higher grades.

Speedy Work

If you have decided to compose your paper on your own you will have to spend time on following activities

• Research content

• Collect material

• Produce and conceptualize the ideas

• Form the ideas

You would require immense time in performing the aforesaid tasks. But, if you hire a professional writing agency, you save a great deal of time and that time can be spent on other activities like playing basketball or completing other projects. This is like killing two birds with one stone.100% unique and original These professional agencies deliver 100% unique reports. To ensure that assigned work is free from plagiarism, these agencies use various plagiarism checker software. It is essential to submit a unique report because reports which contain plagiarized content are often rejected by the schools and universities.

Open to revision

If you find that report does not meet the criteria or want to make any other changes, these agencies offer revisions at no cost. This improves the quality of the content and ensure that it is written according to the guidelines.

You are the owner

Once you purchase a report written by the professional agency, you become the sole owner of the report. You can reproduce the report or have it published in a journal. Moreover, you can use it for further studies.

After understanding the benefits of hiring a writing agency, one would definitely prefer to hire an agency. To obtain information about these agencies just google ‘I need someone to write my essay’ or google ‘I need help to complete my report’ and you will get hundreds of results.

But, one should be careful in selecting an agency. Following are some of the points which can help you in selecting an agency who will deliver your essay.

• Search on the internet about various agencies and then select three to four agencies, which you think can compose ‘my essay’ appropriately.

• Ask these agencies to provide more information about the writers

• Ensure that the assigned writer has relevant experience in writing ‘my essay’

• Check for his background

• Ask for the sample work

• Check online communities like Facebook groups for the feedback or you can ask your friends or relatives, if they have worked with that writer

• Read testimonials

The agency selected keeping in mind aforesaid point will definitely produce superior results. Moreover, if you want the writer to copy in your style, you can provide previous work, which can be taken as a reference for the writing. The purpose of this is that, your school or college would not be able to differentiate whether you have written or someone from outside has written that

From the student’s Perspective

As a student, I can think that I can manage to compose the paper on my own, without seeking the help of someone. In such a case, I should follow the given steps.  Always have in mind that if I follow these steps correctly, I can easily compose my essay.

Before writing, I need to answer these basic questions

• What am I planning to express?

• Who will be my audience? Whether I am  writing it for my school or college?

• What will I discuss and explain to my reader?

• What I will debate on the topic or am I just putting my thoughts across to the readers?

Once I obtain the answer to these above asked questions, I can start writing and I can deliver content according to the guidelines.

Important steps in writing

There are six steps in writing an academic report:

Analyze the given question

Before starting to work, it is quite important to analyze the given question in terms of the  kind of paper you have to write. Generally, students have to write two kinds of it:

• Explanatory

• Argumentative

The purpose of writing an argumentative report or essay is to present an academic answer to the question and it should preferably be supported research work or journals, whereas in an explanatory essay you are required to explain about the given topic. Supporting explanatory essay with other academic studies is desirable. Irrespective of kind report you are writing, you must understand all the parts of the questions properly and ensure that you clearly answer the question. You may be asked to do the analysis, comparison or discussion on the given topic. You should ensure that such keywords are answered correctly.

Prepare the essay plans

Before starting the research, ensure that you have prepared the essay plan. Preparation of a plan is crucial as it will direct your research and will make your writing easier. With the help of a plan you can decide what topic to research on and what are the sources that you should refer to collect information. Therefore, it is advisable to make changes in the plan as you progress because in starting you may not be having a great amount of knowledge regarding the full requirement.

Conducting the research

There are different modes of conducting research and collecting information. Primary research is generally done when the report is related to marketing, whereas in other cases, reading past researches and academic journals is essential. The internet and your school/college library will serve as a main source of information. However, only authentic sources should be used for obtaining information. In some colleges using Wikipedia as a source of information is not allowed. List down all the sources because these sources have to be cited at the end of the report.

Finalizing the plan

You would have prepared a rough plan before starting the research. As your research progresses, you would be required to alter the essay plan. Before starting to write and after completing the research, you need to reassess the plan and finalize it. The final plan will consist of detailed and specific information. Prepare the first draft

Now since, you have finalized the plan and you have finished the research, you are ready to start writing your report in an organized manner. Writing the first draft will be easier because it will be based on the final essay plan. Hence, there is no reason to think what to write or feel lost.

Writing the conclusion

The conclusion should be written in such a manner that it recapitulates all the points mentioned in the body. One must keep in mind that conclusion should not be a repetitive summary of whatever has been discussed. The conclusion should provide a logical ending. The conclusion should start with the main argument discussed in the essay and it should be followed by the supporting points.


Proofreading is the essential and the last step, before the document is considered complete. Proofreading ensures that essay is error free. Once the proofread is complete you can submit the report.