How to write an Essay?

How to Proceed?

Essay writing combines reading, thinking and writing. Reading provides ideas and subject matter for the exercise. Thinking helps in selecting ideas for the given topic. Lastly, writing gives prcatical shape to the ideas in form of body of the essay.

Thus we can divide the process of composition writing under three herds namely:
i. Planning
ii. Execution
iii. Revision


Students must differentiate between planning and a plan. Planning is a mental process, planning involves thinking and selecting ideas to be included in the essay. On the other hand plan means an outline. The points or matter to be included in the essay. Think, draw on you reading and make the plan. It is always advisable t note down the points or make an out line. It helps in writing to the point.


After planning, develop the subject matter or the essay according to the outline. Don’t drag irrelevant matter in the essay. Every essay is an individual piece of writing. Students are often misguided by the solved papers in the market. They give some ready made essays and tell the students t make half a dozen essays from it. It is indeed foolish. Each essay is an individual piece. Execution means actual writing of the essay.


Students generally leave the essay fr the end. Don’t leave it for the last minutes. You can not finish the major question in hurry and commit many mistakes. Generally the essays are incomplete. It is bad planning. Attempt the essay earlier and give the required time to writing. Leave some time for revision correct the grammatical mistakes, check the spellings and punctuation. Revision means corrections and improvements.

Good Essay

A good essay is always relevant or to the point. It is free from grammatical and spelling mistakes. It is complete. It must have a beginning, a middle and a proper end. It is always personal. Mugged of topics are not essays in true sense.