How To Write A Thesis Statement

Most people who have had to write an academic paper of some sort are familiar with a thesis statement. What most don’t realize, however, is that a thesis statement is important for almost any document you compose. This is because the thesis statement gives your reader an idea of what your paper, letter, article or whatever you are writing, is about. Most people wonder how to write a thesis statement; it is actually easier than you think.

Statement Tip #1:
Do an outline, as this will help you to determine your main idea. When you write a thesis statement, it should be the summary of your point; a one-sentence statement of what you plan to write about. An outline can help you to figure out what your thesis statement should be.

Statement Tip #2:
Be succinct, concise and organized when writing your thesis statement. You don’t want to babble on or say too much in your thesis statement. Your thesis statement should be very clear, get right to the point of what you are trying to say and give the reader a clear understanding of what the rest of your paper is going to say. It should be one sentence explaining to the reader exactly what your paper is about.

Statement Tip #3:
Try several different thesis statements before settling on one. Often, you’re first idea may not be your best, and if you keep reiterating the same idea over and over on paper in different ways, you may come upon a better thesis statement than the one you originally started with.

Statement Tip #4:
Revisit your thesis statement upon finishing your paper. Sometimes your ideas can evolve as you write and you want to be sure thatyour thesis statement still applies to what you have written.