Help Me Write My Essay

Most colleges ask you to write an essay or prepare a report. But, many students find it really difficult to write an essay because they are not comfortable as English is not their first language. In such a scenario, writing an essay becomes a very challenging task.

When students need to compose an essay, they are left with two options, either to take the help of a professional agency or write on their own.

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Choosing a topic

Select a topic, which is related to your area of interest. Selecting a captivating topic is very crucial step in writing a report. If you have the option to choose a topic, first of all make a list of the topics, which you are comfortable with. Once the list is prepared select a topic, which you think can be managed effectively. A topic chosen should not only be of your interest, but should focus on what readers are expecting.

Body of the text

A winning essay is lot more than an essay, it is a story, which revolves around the central idea. It shares detailed information about the idea. In the body you should present arguments followed by supporting points. While writing the body of the essay the following basic structure can be followed.

• Start with the main argument.
• Next, note down all the points, which support the main idea. Leave some space between supporting points.
• Fill the space by providing relevant examples.
• Compose a summary
• Keep the paragraph limited to 5-7 lines because readers do not want to read long paragraphs.

Maintain the logical flow within a paragraph. For example, you first present the main argument. It will be followed by the supporting points. Further, you can end the paragraph by writing any negative point against the main idea. Writing both positive and negative points shows that sufficient research has been conducted and the research is not biased. Hence, try to provide the overall information about the topic.

Following these tips will definitely help you compose an effective body of the essay.

Sharing information about delicate topic

Sometimes, it happens that you wish to talk about a sensitive topic, but you do not know how to pen it down. Before sharing the information, make sure that it is appropriate to share it with the reader. If you are sharing some personal information, it is advisable that you should change the name and identity of the person.

Making the conclusion

The conclusion is the final part of your paper. The conclusion should be succinct. The conclusion should not be too long or too small. Ideally a paragraph of five to seven lines is sufficient. The best way to end your essay is to end with the positive change or it can end in such a manner that it mirrors the beginning of the essay.

Proofreading Proofread your essay to make it free from error. An essay should be checked for grammatical errors and punctuation marks.

One can use PEAL approach to writing. The purpose of PEAL is to assist you in making your report outstanding and captivating. PEAL approach is defined as

• Purpose
• Explanation
• Analysis
• Link


It involves identifying the purpose behind composing. Ensure that significant points are presented clearly. This will make your writing more catchy for the reader.


Thoughts and ideas should be explained clearly, so that readers can understand them. You may also provide supporting content, which can be useful to extend your essay.


Analyze the content mentioned in the report very carefully. Make sure to include both arguments in favor and against the topic. An excellent report is one which present a detailed information about the topic.


It means linking the different parts of the essay, so that it becomes a coherent piece of writing. An essay, which is organized systematically will be like a story because it engages the audience.

Following are some of the tips to save time while composing an essay

• While writing, make sure that you do not use unnecessary words. The reader wants to see the quality and the essence of the words used. Therefore, focus on writing a quality report and not a long and meaningless report.

• Ensure that the length of the sentences is not too short or long. Long sentences make your essay ambiguous.

• In one paragraph concentrate only on a single argument. Do not discuss more than one argument in the same paragraph because it will make your essay cumbersome.

• Use of transition words is quite essential as it makes the essay coherent.

• Compose conclusion in brief, do not introduce anything new in the conclusion

• Use mostly straightforward sentences otherwise chances are there that meaning will be misinterpreted.

• At the end of the report mention all the sources, which were referred to obtain information about the topic.